Complex IT. Simply delivered.

Need fast, secure and tailored connectivity services with local and
wide area options?

We couple inhouse experience with quality partners to get you connected.

xDSL Internet Connectivity

  • We use industry leading partners to provide you DSL and FTTC products that are highly resilient
  • Unique in the UK 99.9% SLA on DSL based services
  • Ultra low contention packages 5:1 and 1:1 giving you the speed you pay for more often

Wide variety of DSL based products covering SMB-DSL (20/2Mb/s 5:1), SMB-FTTC (80/20Mb/s 5:1), DUP-DSL (20/20Mb/s 1:1) and RES-MIX (200/60Mb/s 1:1).

  • 24/7 Support handled by engineers not customer service agents
  • Available nationwide with initial contract lengths starting at 3 months
  • We supply our DSL circuits with all the extra’s including a dedicated PSTN circuit for quick resolution of faults
  • Fully managed firewall options also available all with pricing starting from £119.99 per month
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Unified Cloud Wifi Management

  • We supply and maintain the hardware
  • We use the existing cabling or if none exists install this
  • We manage and monitor the wireless network or networks

Managed via our cloud infrastructure over one or more locations giving you a unified experience to your wireless network.

  • Flexible monthly costs to help you grow
  • Hassle free support
  • Pricing starts from as little as £4.99 per month
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xDSL internet and cloud wifi management
connectivity, cabling and networking

Advanced Connectivity Services

  • Private WAN connect your multiple offices via best suited connections to your own dedicated WAN and link in shared infrastructure hosted at the data centre
  • Installation of Gig Bearers with the transit level you want for flexibility in connection upgrades
  • Directly link your offices via our Point to Point services 10,100 and 1000Mb/s options

We have the right partners in place to come up with some very interesting solutions to your connectivity needs.

  • Fully managed business centre networks for high speed shared connectivity securely segregated
  • Available nationwide with initial contract lengths starting at 12 months
  • Mix and Match Fibre and xDSL products for affordable high resilience
  • Packages start from £399.99 per month nationwide
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Cabling and Networking

Exclusive service for data centres, business centres and offices in London. Install state-of-the-art fibre and copper cabling, networking and wireless networks. Whether you are expanding your existing network or setting up from scratch, rely on us to take the pain out of the physical implementation of your network infrastructure.

Our cabling and networking services:

  • Office networking and power cabling
  • Datacentre network cabling
  • WAN/LAN IP configuration
  • Circuit sourcing and termination
  • Point-to-point wireless networking
  • Installation of a wireless distribution network
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