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xDSL Internet Connectivity

Wide variety of DSL based products covering SMB-DSL (20/2Mb/s 5:1), SMB-FTTC (80/20Mb/s 5:1), DUP-DSL (20/20Mb/s 1:1) and RES-MIX (200/60Mb/s 1:1).

  • We use industry leading partners to provide you DSL and FTTC products that are highly resilient
  • Unique in the UK 99.9% SLA on DSL based services
  • Ultra low contention packages 5:1 and 1:1 giving you the speed you pay for more often
  • 24/7 Support handled by engineers not customer service agents
  • Available nationwide with initial contract lengths starting at 3 months
  • We supply our DSL circuits with all the extra’s including a dedicated PSTN circuit for quick resolution of faults
  • Fully managed firewall options also available

Packages start from £119.99 per month.

If you're interested, please contact us here.